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About HyperResin


Hello, Welcome to HyperResin.

All is handmade by me. Colour loving & glitter crazed Jodie. I'm the full time creative lady behind the HyperResin name. Living my dream. 

My obsession with resin started when building my first home. I was watching all the pouring videos on Instagram. I purchased a couple of professional resin art pieces for my walls and then decided that I wanted to make my own personal pieces to match my home.

Before I knew it I wanted to cover everything with resin and I still do.

HyperResin started mid 2018. My creative outlet for some me time. I'm a mum, who worked full time shift work. So something for me was needed. Before HyperResin came about, I was making resin earrings as clip-on earrings for my daughter. She begged for earrings almost daily. 

This little thing, my creative outlet has grown so much since then. Now it's my own small handmade business. I love what I do and I hope you do as well.

I aim to create affordable fun and unique pieces for all. I have a very eclectic style so Hyper is fitting.

What you see here on our website is the finished product. These pieces came from a lot of trial and error behind the scene. All our pieces are handmade by me. I design, cut, mould, mix, pour, sand or file and polish or dome. A lot of time, thought, preparation and energy goes into everything I do but I love it and the pieces are all worth it.

I have used a few mixed mediums like polymer clay, wood, vinyl and acrylic but resin and glitter are my go to.

Thank you for looking at my creations and thank you for supporting my dream.

Jodie xx