Customs. We create a lot of custom earrings behind the scenes. We have a wide variety of paints, tints, glitters and inks that we use with a few different resin types.

All pieces will be handmade by me. Hand mixed, poured, filed or sanded and polished by me. We use mixed medium pieces. Resin, wood, vinyl, acrylic and polymer clay. 

We work with 3mm acrylics. Laser cutting master designs ourself inhouse to create our own custom moulds.

Placement of glitters and inks can differ and we will always get a unique result. Please note that all of our products are handmade. This means there may be slight differences/ imperfections. This is the beauty of handmade, every piece is unique and different to the next.

Please allow 7days handling time for custom make earrings. Resin can take up to 5days to fully cure. Due to H&S reasons, Saftey Data Sheets recommend using the full 5days for cure time. 

Creating with resin can be a timely process but very much worth it. 

Custom moulds? Coming soon.. HyperResin custom moulds are coming in 2021.

If HyperResin™️ design something for you or at your request that design becomes our property. However if you send us your design file (svg or rgb) to cut and create a custom mould those are still your designs and will not be replicated. 

We will create, cut blanks to create moulds but not blanks/masters for customers to mould. We can recommend some reliable businesses for those services. 

Our original designs are HyperResin™️ property and we do not allow those designs/shapes to be remoulded for sale of moulds however we do allow you to sell the completed creations you make from our moulds. 

Please email or message us on socials to get talking about creating your custom pieces. 

E. hyperresin@outlook.com 

Facebook & Instagram @HyperResin